Marvels X #4 (Review)

Jul 8, 2020


Marvels X #4
Marvel Comics

Story by: Alex Ross & Jim Krueger
Scripted by: Jim Kreuger
Art by: Well-Bee
Lettering by: VC’s Cory Petit


Oh-ho! I quite enjoyed this one. I really did. I read the first issue a while back, and between #1 and #4, a lot has happened that I missed out on, but what did happen in this issue, was… beautiful? Dare I say that?

In this comic series, some sort of plague/ virus contaminated the human race, turning them into super-powered mutants, making them on-par with the already established heroes within this Universe. However, one kid, David, somehow is immune, and has been hunted down by many villains, as he’s more important than any man in a cape could ever be: David is the cure humanity needs.

But he doesn’t think he’s important. He looks up to heroes, and wants to do whatever he can to make sure they are alright… while he hides. But the heroes are on the look out for him, to make sure he is safe, and in good hands, because David is humanity’s saving grace, and as of now, the real hero, the hero of heroes.

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Remember I said this issue was gorgeous? It’s because David got to meet all his favorite heroes, who, in turn, told him how important he was, basically calling him the hero, and how he was just like them. I love this notion. Imagine being told by your personal hero, that you’re their hero. I would be elated to hear such a thing! It was wonderful to see this kid, surrounded by his heroes, being celebrated as one. It was just a nice little moment.

But now comes the question of whether or not David can actually provide a cure for the plague that has stricken humanity. It’s always the same formula, that if someone has an immunity, their blood can be synthesized into formulating a cure. This leads one to believe the same will happen in the Marvel X universe. Surely it can’t be that easy… right? I don’t know! Hercules leaves us with that thought, as he doesn’t stay around long after they find David. He doesn’t believe a cure can be found. Cynical, yes, but perhaps he has the more leveled mindset over the over-eager heroes. They shouldn’t put their hopes too high up… and I’m sure Reed Richards would blame himself if David cannot provide the cure, so there’s that, too.

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I love this story-line. Humans finally gain powers, but to what cost? Having no powers, is the true ability of a hero. And I like that!

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