Mary Poppins Collection From Besame Cosmetics (REVIEW)

Mar 23, 2021


Besame Cosmetics Mary Poppins Collection

This elegant collection from Besame Cosmetics pays homage to one of the most famous classic films in Disney history. It includes a lovely black case with a translucent powder compact, cream blush, and a beautiful red lipstick inspired by none other than Mary Poppins herself. These items are encased in gold satin, making everything look so incredibly luxurious. Also included in the collection is a gorgeous nail polish and lipstick with peachy tones, reminiscent of the 1960s but inspired by Mrs. Winifred Banks in the film. 

Mary Poppins Set

I have been an avid fan of Besame Cosmetics, having owned various collections such as their releases with Agent Carter, Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan, I knew that this one wouldn’t disappoint! They take great pride in their products and it clearly shows- as everything here looks like it came out of a movie! 

Practically Perfect Powder

This compact is so incredibly cute. From the whimsical designs, to the silhouetted image of Mary Poppins herself flying over London, I almost didn’t want to use it and keep it on display instead! The powder is truly ‘practically perfect’ as it definitely kept my oily skin at bay in the humid Florida weather. This would be perfect to keep handy and make touch-ups to your make up throughout the day. 

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Poppins Red Lipstick

I have always, ALWAYS, been a massive fan of Besame lipsticks. My personal favorite shade is Chocolate Kiss, but all of their lipsticks are such a win. This lipstick is so incredibly creamy, pigmented and the shade is gorgeous. This warm red would be perfect for a daytime look, and is so incredibly comfortable. The special casing for this lipstick ties everything in with the rest of the collection- I just love how their lipsticks are encased, they always look so incredibly elegant. 

Mary’s Cream Rouge

I remember when I first discovered Besame’s cream rouge, and I ordered it immediately. I still use this product and I was so excited that they created a cream rouge for the Mary Poppins collection. This product is so versatile, as it can be used on both lips and cheeks. It is a beautiful shade of red and matches the lipstick so well. This cream rouge is very pigmented, and easy to use. I find it works best with a stippling brush. 

Mrs. Banks Set 

Mrs. Banks Lipstick

I absolutely love peach lipsticks. Again, always a massive fan of Besame’s lipsticks, and I have added this one to my regular line-up. The casing is adorable, with all sorts of florals over a cute shade of periwinkle. The pigmentation and comfort from this lipstick is top tier, and absolutely perfect for everyday wear. 

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Nail Polish

I haven’t tried any of the new nail polishes from Besame, but I was really excited to try this one out. This nail polish is a lovely peach shade, matching the lipstick in the set. It definitely reminds me of the 1960s, and this shade of nail polish is one that can be worn in almost any setting. The applicator is incredibly easy to use, and I had full coverage on my nails after just two coats. 

Overall, the Mary Poppins Collection is beautiful, as all of Besame’s collections are. The unique thing is that their collections are truly limited edition, which almost makes me want to stock up on these items because I know I’ll be sad when I run out! This collection definitely captured the whimsical, fun nature of Mary Poppins, and definitely made me watch the movie again. I’ll be singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious all day! I truly look forward to all the collections they’ll create in the future. 


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