Mashing up the Multiverse: Wonder Woman and …

Now more than ever, it seems there’s no such thing as an idea that’s too crazy. So why not have another Marvel-DC crossover event?

It’s been a long time since we last had one, and the industry could certainly use it. Things could get complicated on the business end, but both companies teased the idea in a few stories well before the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Writers from both companies have proposed their share of ideas. The possibilities really are endless.

So how about…

Wonder Woman and Storm

The Pitch: Pairing up Marvel and DC’s respective Goddesses is a natural fit. Wonder Woman and Storm are always on a different level from those they are surrounded by — both in terms of power and the way they see the world. Now, this could serve as a humbling experience for both, or it might be an exciting experience for the two of them. The crossover gives each a chance to work with someone they’re similar to in several ways, yet quite different at the same time given their life experiences. And since we’re dealing with two very powerful heroes, that means we can include some big guns on the opposing side.

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Plot: Diana has received word Cheetah is in Egypt, working for someone who goes by the name Essex. As she tries to gather more about her archnemesis’ activities, she runs into someone who’s had dealings with Cheetah — a woman named Ororo. After a fight that forces the two to reveal their powers, Wonder Woman and Storm learn they’re on the same side. And now that they’re aware of one another, they have a chance to act without seeking any additional reinforcements.

Setting: Egypt — bringing Storm back home.

Other Characters: Mr. Sinister is orchestrating something big. He’s employing some of the most tenacious villains in the world, including Killmonger, Cheetah and some of the Nasty Boys. Storm was tasked with scouting out Sinister to gather more information for the X-Men. She decided to recruit Shuri to help with the assignment.

Notes: This crossover is jam-packed with a ton of Marvel characters. The reasoning: this is a chance to show how one of DC’s most popular heroes stacks up against some of the tougher villains Marvel has to offer. … Gail Simone would be a great fit to write this story.

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