Masquerada Joins GWW Indie Dev Day

Mar 10, 2016

Dark fantasy title Masquerada joins the line of the upcoming GWW Indie  Dev Day! Masquerada is a isometric fantasy RPG in world where only the aristocrats alone hold power, both figuratively and literally in the form of magical masks. Join five flawed aristocrats on a journey to rediscover themselves. Masquerada boasts real time combat with the ability to pause and assign actions to party members to players liking. Control a party of three member mixing and varying magic types through different elemental  and magical effects.

Mas 1

Your adventure through Masquerada includes daring looking into themes such as sexuality, faith, and personal identity that will take you on a gripping experience with a projected 15 hours of gameplay. The The journey will also be voiced by industry veterans such as Matthew Mercer from Resident Evil 6, Dave Fennoy of The Walking Dead, and Jennifer Hale of Mass Effect fame.

mas 2

Be sure to tune in on the GWW Twitch  channel to hear more excited news regarding Masquerada on March 12th!