Matthew Vaughn Wants ‘The Raid’ Director Gareth Evans To Helm The ‘Hit-Girl’ Prequel

Feb 11, 2015

While promoting his most recent film Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn was asked on the status of the Kick-Ass series. After pretty average Kick-Ass 2 directed by Jeff Wadlow it seemed like we would never complete the story of Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass. Actress Chloe Grace Moretz has even gone on record that she is done with the character. But now Kick-Ass 1 director Matthew Vaughn reveals to he might be able to convince both Chloe Grace Moretz and Aaron Taylor-Johnson to return:

“Do you know what’s going to be next if I do it… we’ve finished plotting it. What we have to do is, we’ve got to do the FIRST CLASS to the KICK-ASS world. We lost a few fans on Kick-Ass 2. It wasn’t as loved as one would’ve hoped. So we have this idea for a Hit Girl prequel. It’s a really strong, really simple prequel where I think we can regain the love and the passion. If that happens, I’m pretty sure I can persuade Aaron and Chloe to come back and finish the story of Kick-Ass with Kick-Ass 3”

He goes onto say that he would love to get a director “like’ The Raid’s Gareth Evans to helm the Hit-Girl prequel “A really bold, clever director. Most of it is set in the far east.” Even though this be awesome wasn’t most of Kick-Ass 2 actually taken from the Hit-Girl prequel comic? Plus, if Mark Millar couldn’t convince Matthew Vaughn to helm the entire series why would anyone else.


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