Mera, Tidebreaker Review

Apr 1, 2019

Mera, Tidebreaker

Written by: Danielle Paige
Illustrated by: Stephen Byrne

Mera, Tidebreaker is the first installment from the new DCInk young adult’s graphic novel line. As an adult, I really enjoyed reading it.  Paige paints a perfect picture of a young and defiant Mera. I’m a huge fan of the character. I’ve seen her well written and not-so-well written. To me, the story embodied the perfect teenage Mera. She’s defiant, stubborn and completely set in her ways. Just like the classic comics, she finds Arthur and of course, falls in love. They always find each other. She stands for her convictions and always shows total bravery. Fighting for all Xebellians. In the end, her total disobedience against her father brings peace and she discovers she’s the Warrior her mother is and beyond.

This book made me feel like a young adult again! I was sucked into it not only for the epic love story of Mera and Arthur Curry but for the detailed action that built Mera’s character and let her true colors shine through. She proved she’s not just the daughter of the king, but worthy of the throne of Xeble. The first installment of DCink, it definitely sets a high standard for the coming books. I’m not ashamed to admit as a not-so-Young adult, I’ll be picking up the rest.

The princess of Xebel got the spotlight she deserves in the perfect platform. I recommend this book for people of all ages if you’re a fan of the character, or graphic any graphic novels. My teenager eagerly picked it up and started reading when I finished. Byrne’s art popped right out of the pages. The absence of most color and showcasing her red locks was the perfect way to put emphasis on Mera’s personality, not just her looks. The aquatic scenes were some of my favorite.

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