Mercy #1 (REVIEW)

Mar 3, 2020


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Mercy #1
Image Comics​

Writer, Artist, Colorist: Mirka Adolfo 
Color Assistant: Gianluca Papi           
Lettering: Fabio Amelia


Mercy is an interesting word. When it is ‘ful’ it is a powerful and amazing thing. anything ‘less’ and it is cruel and destructive. Mercy # 1 is a amazing demonstration of how mercy is presented in the town of Woodsburgh, WA.

From the opening pages we are presented with a deadly scenario. Some creatures have invaded the town and it is only a last ditch effort by a handful of heroes who work to stop them. A cache of dynamite and a mine explosion seem to resolve the problem and save the town….mercifully.

A beautiful funeral is our first introduction to the larger cast of this comic. The visual art of the issue has an light pastel feel. Masterfully presenting a grave side where mourners say their goodbyes to those lost in the mine explosion.

While some townspeople are praying for mercy for those lost, others are planning and projecting, unmercifully, their anger to the one responsible. Mrs Swanson, who we met during the opening scene, seems unaffected by this harrassment, waiting til later in the issue to respond and instead shows mercy for those grieving.

Not all the citizens are of this town are corrupt and evil it however. Rory, a young orphan who only wants to meet her mother provides a dose of youthful innocence and gives us hope for her and other citizens who need help in this town. The scenes with brother and sister Rory and Betsy highlight the necessity of love and support in a town where it seems you need to look out for oneself.

The arrival of snow, “too soon”, heralds the arrival of Lady Hellaine. Delivering some of the best dialogue of this issue, this young lady has a me intrigued with her coldness. Who are the “strangers” and what did Mrs Swanson or better yet her husband leverage that brought their arrival. And what have they returned to finish.



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