Mercy # 4 (REVIEW)

Jul 29, 2020


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Mercy # 4 Cvr

John Kreese famously stated in the Karate Kid “mercy is for the weak”. Some may argue that there is some truth to that statement. However, Image Comics Mercy #4 highlights that it is also from the strong. Whether Lady Hellaine has the restraint to display this human characteristic is in doubt at issues end. I was left questioning should there be any given to her.

Mercy # 4

Image Comics

Writer, Artist, Colorist: Mirka Andolfo


Goodwill finds himself captured and bound by the hunting party. Mirka Andolfo has created an intricately connected story. As we learn more about this group and how they have come to be proficient at hunting their prey, I couldn’t miss the mention of the Swanson name. It would appear that this family does not believe that any but them deserve mercy. The hunting party has provided Lady Swanson with a means of ensuring her family continues to experience just that, free from any guilt she may feel.

The reveal that these creatures have been here for some time was very interesting, as well as puzzling. The exact nature or origin remains unknown other than it is nothing like our world. A mysterious entity provides much of this information. It was interesting to note this one was hesitant to enter the human realm unlike the others, including Lady Hellaine. Also, interestingly enough it would seem this one found a way to be more merciful in dealing with humans. The phrase to much is given much is required comes to mind. The memories and beauty of a life has given this creature something more and “it” is willing to do anything to hold onto it.


Rory continues to provide hope there is more of a connection between them than even Lady Hellaine is willing to admit. Her ability to see beyond the monster and only see her mother proves she is capable of being both the giver and recipient of mercy. For both her and Jon, Lady Hellaine is nothing short of a miracle. Heaven giving them back a portion of what they had lost.

The beauty this series has presented since its beginning continues to be on display. From the detail given to the tendrils of the pods and spores, to the beauty and horror of Lady Hellaine each page is breathtaking. I am left in amazement of Andolfo’s ability to bring to life a character that can be a demon and angel in the same panel.

The tragedy at the mine is starting to look less like an act of survival and more an act of salvation. Mirka Andolfo has left a few details remaining as this series moves closer to conclusion. The mine, owned by the Swanson familly, being a bridge between the worlds is just one thing I look forward to learning about. Also Mr. Swanson and his experiments most certainly need further discussion. It would seem that all parties, the town, the creatures have a common enemy…the Swanson family. And well you remember what Kreese said about an enemy….

Score 9.3


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