Michelle Williams In Talks To Play Love Interest Anne Weying In ‘Venom’

Sep 27, 2017

Despite word that Sony was considering women of color for the female lead in their Venom spinoff, Variety has word that Michelle Williams is now in talks for the role.

The four-time Oscar nominee would join fellow nominee Tom Hardy and potential addition Riz Ahmed (linked weeks ago for an unknown role).

It was reported previously by ThatHashtagShow that the main female role would be Anne Weying aka She-Venom, as backed-up by an audition tape Omega Underground found a couple months back for a character referred to as “Annie”.

Variety also is backing this up with the character description of a successful lawyer, which Anne is in the comics.

Sources say Williams would play a district attorney and possibly Hardy’s love interest. Sony had no comment on the casting.

Little is known about Venom aka Antidote, except the working title suggests a new origin for Eddie Brock which might include a military/mercenary background and a setting that takes place in Asia, according to some recent casting calls we’ve also discovered. It’s possible the film could be taking cues from the Agent Venom comics which had Flash Thompson a wounded warrior given a second chance after being bonded with the Venom alien symbiote.

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Production will start on October 23rd in Atlanta and will wrap in February, New York City is also expected to be another shooting location for the film. Sony has a set Venom’s release date for October 5th, 2018.


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