Mind MGMT #21 Review (Dark Horse)

Apr 22, 2014

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FEB140032_mMind MGMT #21

Wrtten By: Matt Kindt

Art By: Matt Kindt

Matt Kindt continues to surprise on issue 21 of Mind Mgmt from Dark Horse Comics. In this “silent issue” the only dialogue that occurs is in thought bubbles from all the characters amid a wall-to-wall brawl that takes up most of the book. The action is brutal but how Kindt keeps track of what everyone is thinking is quite the feat. This is an unusual occurrence in most comics books so it’s refreshing to see a writer take a chance and have it work so well.

 Duncan and Lyme are in the fight of their lives while Meru is trapped in a predicament of her own. Kindt’s signature surrealistic penciling and watercolors makes this series look like nothing else on the racks. The style shouldn’t be as effective as it is but from the expressions of terror to the violent stabbing it all becomes more shocking in Kindt’s hands.

A good issue on its own but not recommended for new readers to jump in. This series is worth picking up the trades to delve fully into this world of super spies and mind control. Kindt’s passion for his story is evident in every page and nothing like it in comics.