Miserable Retail Slave #209: “Poe.”

Aug 28, 2018



This episode of your favorite big, dumb comedy show, we pitch a new CW television series called “Poe.” focusing on the misadventures of a young, sexy Edgar Allan Poe.

We also hit up Craigslist for a new “Best” of Craigslist segment. This time, a group of 20-somethings want to witness a live birth whilst on mushrooms.

Randy completely rebrands Tommy as The Farting Comedian (a must-million dollar idea, probably) and Randy talks about a surreal trip to Detroit featuring live nude girls, Optimus Prime, and purloined peanuts. Download this latest episode and “Let Ur Rip!”



More Notes: Getting up in the morning is a waste of time (3:30)/ Randy is a catch-22 (4:00)/ Voodoo Priest John Madden and his curse (5:00)/ Sunday Scaries and Summer Scaries (6:52)/ exploring things (9:30)/ A crazy Detroit Adventure: of live nude girls, Optimus Prime, and beer (10:00)/ Pistachios, the Infinite Nut (15:00)/ Quality Question: why do people try to craft the perfect joke when it’ll never beat a well-times fart? (19:10)/ The Farting Comedian (19:52)/ Hooters is shutting down after recent study says millennials hate boobs (22:08)/ The first wave of grandpas or grandmas named Jayden is coming (25:05)/ Running into a forgotten sweathog (26:02)/ Miserable Retail Slave History: from S04E27. “Kevin Needs Cole Slaw”/ Be our e-bae (41:00)/ search engine humor (42:00)/ a real life Bermuda Triangle encounter (43:12)/ Iceberg cause all the problems (45:37)/ National Geographic Ignorance Podcast (48:00)/ Man buys 300 “sorry” banners (49:48)/ Hot CW babes (52:30)/ We pitch a CW show featuring a sexy Edgar Allan Poe called Poe (53:22)/ “Best” of Craigslist (56:26)/ Yeti blind (59:50)

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