Miserable Retail Slave podcast: Season 5, Episode 42 “Inspector Jacket”

Get ready for a Ferocious Flamethrower of Funny in the form of an Amazing Auditory Assault. The newest episode of the Miserable Retail Slave podcast will scorch your silly ears with sarcasm and sass in the Mighty Miserable Retail Slave Manner.

In this fantastically facetious episode:

Oh there shall come a day, that day that all people must face, that dread decision which hangs over mere mortals. The black cloud that looms over us all, a cloud as dark as Odin’s great ravens: would you ever put your mind into a robot body in order to live forever?

Carpe diem and excelsior, is the world ready for the Naughty NSFW Punk Rock Hurricane known as NARC FIST?!

Also, in this extraordinary episode, your heroes plan on entering the eccentric, endearing world of EDM superstardom!

If that ain’t enough, can you say, “ONLINE DATING NONSENSE”? Woe to those who engage in the folly of the amorous online pursuits of a paramour!!!

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