Miserable Retail Slave. Season 5, Episode 37. “Overwhelmed Flash”

This week, we decide that being The Fastest Man Alive, just means that people would constantly be annoying you with chores. Is the world ready for the quick temper and short fuse of Overwhelmed Flash?

You can’t avoid it. The issue of gun control is a debate that just won’t go away. We come up with an original and unique way to solve this problem once and for all. Just solving all the world’s problems on a FREE podcast, folks.

Finally, we take a look at a famous missed connection from NYC. A woman has her written missed connection from Craigslist blown up into a billboard in order to find the potential love of her life, the elusive Man with the Yellow Shoes. Was she successful? Find out.

Also in this episode: Tommy’s Foghorn Leghorn tattoo dreams, the flooding Flint River, Friendly Dads and Dad questions, the return of Funnel Cloud Charles, and the stupidity of honesty.

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