Mist wallet: The top 5 best Ethereum wallets in 2022

Mar 30, 2022

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and second-generation crypto. It’s one of the most interesting cryptos to invest in because of its use cases and its growth over the years. Ethereum has been one of the few biggest cryptos most institutional investors find outstanding. One of the popular Ethereum use-cases is being the leading crypto in DeFi. The decentralized finance ecosystem is one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the entire crypto community, and Ethereum happens to hold a large percentage of the whole community. 

These features will help you understand why Ethereum has grown this much and the need for investors with Ethereum assets to keep their assets as safe as possible. Currently, Ethereum is trading around the $3,300 mark and can still do more in the next few months. As an investor or a crypto enthusiast, it is important that as much as you have the assets, you also have the best wallet that can hold such assets without worrying about theft or loss. Although, some cybercrime could target cold wallets depending on how many assets are in the wallet. To secure an extra layer of protection to your wallet, you should have the Ethereum wallet password recovery services at your fingertips. They help you to keep your asset and entire account safe. Peradventure you forgot your password, their service could be adopted to help you regain access to your wallet. 

Here are some of the top 5 wallets you can use to hold Ethereum in 2022. 

Mist Wallet

It is known as the Ethereum wallet, since the team behind the Ethereum ecosystem developed it. The mist in the Ethereum mist wallet is a blockchain-based browser in the wallet, which functions as the platform for running blockchain networks and decentralized applications. So, the mist is a browser with several dApps linked to it, and Ethereum is just one of them. However, the Ethereum mist wallet is compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS. You should know that the mist wallet is an open-source wallet, which is majorly compatible with ERC-20 tokens and its full node wallet software that you can run on your desktop. One of the reasons you should have this wallet is because it provides a unique means of holding your Ethereum and ERC-20 assets.

Another reason you should choose the mist wallet is because it’s open-sourced. So, it’s easy for anyone to audit the codes, transactions and highlight bugs. So, in case of any loopholes, it’s faster and easier to rectify because they could cause huge damage or loss. Therefore, it is one of the safest wallets to hold Ethereum and any ERC-20 based token. The wallet is quite easy to navigate as it doesn’t have a much-complicated user interface compared to other wallets that might be quite tasking to navigate. Hence, there’s a huge similarity and agreement between the Ethereum network and the mist wallet.

Trezor One

You might know the Trezor one as a bitcoin wallet, but it’s one of the best Ethereum wallets. One of main reasons is that it is secure. The pin code system ensures that force-entering remains impossible. So, the moment you enter the wrong pin code, the waiting time increase by the power of 2. So, if you plan to make 30 guesses, it would take around 17 years. You should ensure you have the Ethereum wallet password recovery services instead. They can help you get it done in a blink of an eye. 


You probably have heard of and used Metamask. However, if you haven’t or are new to the crypto world, you should choose Metamask. It’s quite easy to navigate, and its software has a Chrome extension, making it quite easy to operate. With Metamask, your Ethereum wallet is made available on your browser. There’s an abstraction for every user that chooses Metamask, and that’s the possibility of a lowered entry, allowing you to access all functions from your browser. 

Ledger Nano 5

It’s arguably one of the most popular hardware wallets in the crypto community. The difference here is that you can store your private keys in a physical storage device. However, you should take note of your private keys because you must store them in a safe environment, especially if you don’t have an available recovery service. One of the reasons you should choose this wallet is because you get to store your Ethereum offline. Hence, there’s no risk of hacking. 


Exodus is one of those wallets for beginners. So, if you haven’t used a crypto wallet before and need to store your Ethereum asset, you should use exodus. It’s compatible with windows, Mac OX, and Linux, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Also, you can get the mobile app which is easy to navigate—using the wallet on the go, whenever, and wherever is one of the main reasons you should choose this wallet. 


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