Mister Sinister Is A ‘Wolverine 3’ Villain Says Bryan Singer; Does This Confirm X-23?

Sep 12, 2016


According to the commentary track for X-Men: Apocalypse during the Essex Corp. stinger at the end of film, director Bryan Singer confirms Mister Sinister is a villain in Wolverine 3 (via CinemaBlend).


But, how he and Essex Corp. factors into the plot is still a mystery. In the sequence the company is collecting Wolverine’s blood along with other samples from the Weapon X facility, which is a huge nod to Sinister’s cloning abilities and more than likely how the rumored X-23 gets involved in the film.


We had assumed for months that Richard E. Grant could be possibly taking this villainous role, and it seems like Singer is fuelling the idea.

wizecrack-sr_r_x23_wolvieSinister is primarily known as a mutant scientist that clones other mutants, so this could be the cinematic entry point for Laura Kinney aka X-23. Set photos of a little girl helped support leaked casting-calls that seemingly had been searching for young actresses to play her. Will we see a grown-up or teen version of Kinney? Casting beyond the younger version didn’t seem to leave clues, so it’s possible they quietly cast someone in the role.

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Singer had suggested that X-23 take over for Wolverine (she also took over recently in the comics), once Hugh Jackman retired the character instead of recasting. Director Tim Miller has also mentioned a desire to include the X-Force member in a Deadpool sequel for a fight scene or two.

There had been chatter that director James Mangold had been seeking out concept art of the character.

It remains to be seen what the film will actually look like as multiple set photos somewhat confirm character elements from Old Man Logan will be used for Wolverine 3, while nods to the possible addition of X-23 and The Reavers. As Old Man Logan can’t be directly used because character rights conflict with Marvel Studios, it still needs to be reworked for Fox to be able to use it.

Sinister being a mutant himself it would seem odd to be the one pulling the strings of the Reavers as they’re mostly mutant hating cyborgs, it’s still most likely that Boyd Holbrook is either Donald Pierce or one of the cyborg Reavers, Omega Red (human turned into a mutant super soldier) could easily be thrown into the group.

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If cloning is going it’s equally possible that Boyd could be a male clone of Wolverine, as it’s been hinted his character would be brand new, maybe a clone version of Daken perhaps? Then again, this wouldn’t gel with rumblings of the Reavers.

Introducing Mister Sinister might also play into the character origin of Nathan Summers aka Cable, as the two are directly linked. As Sinister cloned his mother from Jean Grey, so it’s possible that teases to Cable pre-Deadpool 2 could be happening in Wolverine 3 as well.

Wolverine 3 is only months away now and it’s possible we’ll be getting some teaser footage very soon. The third and final Wolverine film for Hugh Jackman is set for release date on March 3rd, 2017.


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