Monstress #17 Review

Jun 12, 2018


Monstress #17
Image Comics

Written By: Marjorie Liu
Art By: Sana Takeda
Lettered By: Rus Wooton

The newest issue of Monstress is full of complete chaos. Maika and Zinn are in the rough situation as they fight for their lives from an onslaught of attackers with a surprise visit from someone that they do not want to meet. Monstress has shown its fair share of violence but I think this may be the first issue where we have seen a slaughter occur on this level and it’s not just with Maika and Zinn. Everyone is on edge, even Ren and Kippa as they are separated from Maika but this is all due to certain decisions that they are both making as they move forward. If these characters are separated for a while, I won’t mind that. Mainly for Kippa because I think time away will continue to help grow her instead of consistently being in horrific danger. She’s showing that she want’s to do more and I would like to see her go through a personal journey to see what she can make herself capable of. Ren’s personal intentions are still a bit of a mystery. Even though we know he is working for someone else, we don’t know yet what his ultimate decision will be and we really didn’t get much of him outside of just sticking close with Kippa right now. The artwork here still stands out to me as some of the best in the industry.

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Sana’s style is unique and I always love her blends of colors and how she just sets the mood in every panel. Her work on displaying the action here in how chaotic it is and messy it gets is fantastic. When we get close-ups on the faces you can see, dread, fear, worry, excitement, and courage. A lot is said as the action is going on but good lettering job here never blocks out or get in the way of the action. Nothing here ever pulls you away, instead, you’re anticipating what’s next to come and wonder who will make it out of here alive.

Monstress may be full of monsters but they are certainly not all evil. As we’re continuing our adventures with Maika, we only hope that all she has gone through can prepare her for what’s to come. Just when you believe things can’t get any worst for her in this world, something always has to come out and present itself as the bigger challenge. With strong and fun characters to read about, Monstress is a series everyone should be able to get hooked on to.

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