Morlocks Showing-Up In Other ‘X-Men’ Films And Angel Dust Replacing Rogue?

Feb 14, 2015


It was just confirmed that MMA fighter turned actress Gina Carano will be playing Angel Dust one of the Chicago branch of the mutant community The Morlocks in Fox’s Deadpool.

At first glance this might not be that revealing as we’ve already had Morlocks appear in the films as the Omega Gang in X-Men 3: The Last Stand. However, they weren’t exactly to canon and a huge chunk of their history was never explored in the films. I’m sure they’ll have a larger role to play in the cinematic universe and here are some reasons why.

Angel Dust speaks to Gina’s background as an MMA fighter and action heroine since her abilities include berserker strength, unarmed combat, invulnerability, super speed/strength, and stamina. Making her a top-notch brawler which we really haven’t seen with Fox’s X-Men characters outside of Mystique.

I’d like to pose the theory that Angel Dust might be replacing the comic book version Rogue in the cinematic universe minus her ability to fly and that the Morlocks could have a huge impact on future films.


Rogue is easily one of the best female characters within the X-Men franchise and I was heartbroken to see Bryan Singer‘s cinematic version of her in X-Men. Instead of a head-strong independent woman who could kick the shit out of the majority of the male characters in the comics, we ended-up with a less interesting version of the runaway teen mutant Jubilee.

I can’t say we’re ever going to that version of Rogue in the films until there is a compete reboot of the franchise or the X-Men go back to Marvel which likely isn’t coming anytime soon. However, taking those aspects of Rogue we love from the comics and combining that with someone like Angel Dust makes some sense.

You only have to look at the casting of Gina Carano to really question how big this character is going to become within the X-Men cinematic universe. I don’t see Carano committing to a one-shot Marvel role like this knowing it could ruin future chances of landing better established comic book roles. Gina is basically one of the only convincing female action stars working today was once linked to be in the mix for both Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Wonder Woman (Batman v Superman) roles.

Who would you consider in that sort of realm character-wise in the X-Men universe?

The answer is Rogue.

Angel Dust has some of the abilities that Rogue would have acquired if Fox was able to use her connections to Ms. Marvel but they can’t. Morlocks could take the place of Rogues’ time as a runaway punk who teamed-up with Mystique‘s group of villains.

The Gambit and Rogue relationship is next to impossible to use in the films. Timelines are a bit of an issue as Singer has stated he could use Gambit in X-Men Apocalypse giving the impression the solo film could be set in that era in the 1980s. Singer has pretty much established that Rogue is going to always be parred-up with Iceman, going as far as to kill Bobby’s romance with Kitty in Days of Future Past to put him back together with Rogue at the end of the film. I get the impression that Gambit and Rogue will never be an item in Singer’s X-Men universe.

Rogue’s romance with Gambit is also a bit anticlimactic due to them not being able to be intimate. We’ve already seen his explored with Rogue and Bobby, we really have no need to see that done again.

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Gambit’s links to the Morlock massacre could also come into play, as it would be easy to have Angel and Gambit interacting in the films because of this.

It’s not entirely crazy to think that Angel Dust could replace Rogue as Gambit’s love interest or at the very least taking on that tough-girl void that she has left in the X-Men cinematic universe.

Haywire - Gina Carano and Channing Tatum

Gina and Gambit‘s Channing Tatum worked together in Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, where they do have a bit of a romantic encounter.The film which launched Gina’s film career taking the lead role in it and had the actress beating the hell out of Magneto himself Michael Fassbender, it’s cast also included Ant-Man‘s Michael Douglas and A.O.S. actor Bill Paxton.

I have to assume that Carano wants to go the David Bautista (Drax) and Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam) route landing a comic book role that allows for crossovers into multiple films that also plays to their pyschality. She worked with both of them previously on films like Fast 6, Bus 657 and the Kickboxer remake. I’m sure Gina is looking to follow that career path when it comes to a superhero role making sure the role isn’t a one-shot or disposable.

Hence looking at roles in films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman v Superman/Wonder Woman.


Let’s not forget that Gina was dating Henry “Superman” Cavill at the time she was competing for the Wonder Woman role in Batman v Superman. She was a much more recognizable name than Gal Gadot and was a huge fan-favorite for the part. Her eventual break-up with Cavill might have led to Warner Bros. deciding against hiring her.


Having both Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. turning her down for major female superhero roles might have had her set sights on Fox’s Marvel universe instead. Their mistake not casting her could be a win-fall for Lauren Shuler Donner and Fox if they find the right way to include her character into the cinematic universe.

The Morlocks do have enough of existing material to support their own film in the future if Fox wants to pursue it having and having Carano’s Angel Dust in a lead role wouldn’t be so terrible.

On the flip side Angel could just be a character pitted against Colossus in the film and taking a villainous part in the film. Her relationship working with Fox on Almost Human might be the reason she landed the part. Human also shot in Vancouver where Deadpool‘s production is located.


I can see The Morlocks could take a bigger part in the mythology and future of the X-Men franchise.

Created by Chris Claremont and inspired by the H.G. Well underground dwelling monsters from The Time Machine the community of Morlocks was formed by the mutant Callisto when she discovered a massive underground system of tunnels underneath Manhattan setting-up a commune of sorts there. Gathering all sorts of mutants outcasts most of them without fantastical combat based powers instead they were mostly disfigured or odd looking. Callisto would end-up taking the leadership role of the community of outcasts.

Morlocks aren’t exactly heroic like their X-Men counterparts taking more of grey-area approach to most things, as they’re known to kidnap and get into all sorts of trouble but also have made alliances with them in the past too.


They do have strong connections to a couple of major X-Men team members those being GambitStorm, and Colossus. Having many run-ins with the X-Men and their villains over the years. Leading me to believe that they could end-up playing some sort of roles in other X-Men films such as X-Men Apocalypse and Gambit‘s solo film in 2016.

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Storm and the X-Men butted-heads with the group then having to settle matters with a fight versus their leader Callisto. In the end Storm wins the fight and assumes the leadership of the Morlocks.The reason for the conflict stems from Callisto kidnapping Angel to marry him, a total garbage aspect but I think the Storm angle is sort of worth using.

This could play into her origins for X-Men Apocalypse and even explain her punk look via a mohawk which fans have been dying to see her use. Placing a teenaged Storm in the ranks of the Morlocks in the 8o’s for some reason really feels like it would suit the character very well.

Gambit has had one of the more darker and traumatic pasts in the X-Men, once apart of the southern mutant gang the Thieves Guild he eventually goes on his own path. As his powers become increasing unstable seeks the help of Mister Sinister who claims he’ll reduce his powers if he joins his group the Marauders (ranks include Sabertooth and a villainous Mystique). Mister Sinister believing the Morlocks being a lesser form of mutants, orders the Marauders to massacre a majority of them this haunts Gambit as he takes personal responsibility for the genocide.

Chris Claremount, who originally wrote this storyline is actually helping Fox develop the script for the Gambit movie and it’s very likely that this bit of Remy’s past could be explored in that film. The Mister Sinister connection could also lead into the X-Force film as he’s a huge threat for that team too.

Lastly, Callisto having lost control of the group eventually becomes romantically entangled with Colossus for a time. It’s extremely possible with the news that Colossus will be in Deadpool along with the Morlocks they could introduce a new version of Callisto in the film as well.

These connections could see the Morlocks have a greater impact onto the X-Men universe moving forward. I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if they do show-up in both Apocalypse and Gambit films. It’s not surprising that the studio would want to expand their film universe with the Morlocks since it would increase the amount of characters Fox could use in future films. Not to mention tying a majority of the new films together with the connections to the Morlocks.


A villain like Mister Sinister and his Marauders could easily become the new Magneto/Brotherhood of Mutants developing into a threat that would crossover into different films. X-Force have had many standoffs with the villain and we know Fox is slowly developing that film Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow.

I’m sure the rest of the casting for both Deadpool and Gambit could reveal a bit more information once we figure-out what Fox’s plans for the two films actually are, along with the identity of the supporting characters. Not to mention their what year the films are set in, something we’re a bit confused about at the moment as some say the 1980s, 1990s, present time and the future.

What do you think? Should and will the Morlocks have a larger role to play within the new X-Men films?



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