Morphing….Into A Murder?

Feb 3, 2015


There’s been a bit of drama in the Power Rangers universe this week, as TMZ reported former Power Rangers actor Rick Medina Jr was arrested for allegedly stabbing his roommate Joshua Sutter in the abdomen with a sword following an altercation.

According to reports the stabbing took place following the altercation when Medina retreated to his bedroom with his girlfriend and Sutter tried to force his way into the room. As Sutter crashed into the room that is when Medina grabbed a nearby sword and stabbed Sutter in the abdomen.

Following the stabbing Medina dialed 911 and waited for cops and paramedics to arrive. Upon their arrival Sutter was taken by paramedics to the hospital where he was pronounced dead and Medina was arrested and booked on charges of murder.

Rick Medina Jr, Deker

In a bit of an update it was reported by KABC in Los Angeles that no charges are going to be filed and Medina is going to be released pending a further investigation.

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This has definitely shaken up everyone in the Power Rangers community. Fans have taken to social media along with the actors themselves to express their thoughts and feelings on this situation. For me personally I have mixed feelings on this whole situation. I’m saddened that someone had to lose their life over something some trivial as a dispute between roommates and friends. My thoughts on Medina are that he should’ve known better than to reach for a sword to “defend” himself. That should be a last ditch effort, regardless of the situation you’re in. Being a part of Power Rangers is a blessing for most people and I’m almost certain that some little kid looked up to Medina and wanted to be like him and become a Power Ranger. Now that this has happened it’s definitely tarnished his image and more than likely ruined his relationship between Saban and the Power Rangers brand.

This isn’t the first time someone from Power Rangers has been in the news for a murder. Back in 2004 Skylar Deleon murdered a couple on a boat and the media took to calling him a Power Ranger but he was only ever an extra on the show and never dawned the helmet and tights. This is however the first time that a main character from Power Rangers has done something like this.

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I will definitely be following this story closely and will be updating once more news breaks.

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