Mukava – Brushed Steel Reading Platform

Aug 16, 2015

Just plug and play. That’s one of the features of the Mukava. It’s an adjustable table designed to relieve you from the hand, arm and neck fatigue that can come with prolonged book reading and tablet use. It accomplishes this in an interesting way.

mukava-prememium1Fully adjustable and LED light integrated, the Mukava is a minimalist table that can act as your companion while you’re laying, sitting or standing. It’s a good addition to an existing office or reading room and a great foundation piece to a new room design.

Mukava-Premium-BuyThe Mukava table I tested for review is the Brushed Steel version. It arrived already assembled – all I had to do was plug in the power and attach the USB reading light. There are also “pads” which serve as convenient mounting points for your devices, such as tablets and cell phones. I found this necessary when I wanted to read while the reading platform was tilted at an angle too steep for the weight of my iPad.

I love this table because I like to work while standing. My home office is not equipped for that so I end up sitting more than I’d prefer. The Mukava allows me to stand with my Surface Pro 3 on top. While on calls I’ll throw my notepad on it and take notes while standing on a portable stair-stepper. It’s great to finally have this option. And, best of all, it’s pretty quick to make adjustments.

Whether I’m transitioning from sitting to standing or typing to writing, the Mukava proved to be steady and flexible. It’s also quite strong. No adjustments occur without holding the hidden lever located under the table. The USB light and 2 USB ports allow for device charging while in use. This is a sneaky feature. Not until writing this review did I realize how special that is. And since it’s USB, you can charge any device! It’s not specific to Apple, which would have driven me nuts.

The Mukava is a wonderful table for those who like to stand and do anything from reading, typing and writing. It’s also helpful to give your arms a rest if you like to read while you lay down. I was able to adjust the Mukava in such a way that I could do this. Best of all: no assembly is required!