Nailbiter Returns #1 (REVIEW)

Jun 3, 2020



Nailbiter Returns #1
Image Comics

Front Bartender/Writer: Joshua Williamson
Side Bartender/Artist: Mike Henderson
Lights/Artist: Adam Gusowski


Comics like Image’s Nailbiter Returns show why the Entertainment Industry is looking at comic store shelves as often as library shelves for their next blockbuster movie or series. When writers and artists collaborate on such a deeply compelling plot line it is impossible not to want a piece of the market. After taking my first venture into the mystery of Buckaroo Oregon, I am sure it won’t be long before this series and its characters are on the screen.

In the meantime a few thoughts on this issue. Like I mentioned this is my first dealing with any of the Nailbiter story, Joshua Williams seems to anticipate a few new readers like me. Having the some information provided via a conversation at a bar makes this feel real. It is at this point we meet Molly and again the bar serves to make her introduction authentic.

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The most interesting character so far would be Nick Finch. Williams writes this character to perfection. He is no celebrity cop although he may be viewed as such. Discovering a connection to Buckaroo Butchers troubles him greatly. He realizes things are turning bad. His dialogue is written to powerfully convey this point.

It takes more than words to make a great series. The creative team on this comic proves this. Mike Henderson and Adam Guzowski seem to know this and go about proving it here. I would be over”looking” if I didn’t mention the eye the focus it receives this issue. Whether it be what I suspect is bleech to the eyes in the opening pages or Molly adjusting her contact, the images are painfully realistic to witness. It is also the little transitions that make the issue. The big splash when Molly sees the blood stained floor to the milk on the floor.

Nailbiter Returns 1 does an amazing job of introducing new reader to get adjusted to the franchise. It also appears to provide a new mystery that is compelling enough to entice fans back to Buckaroo. The child from the opening pages is now 30 years older. The darkness they are against, is it the law like Finch? The child of killer like Molly? Or are they after the Nailbiter and trying to lure him out of hiding?

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