Negan’s Victim Finally Revealed in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere

Oct 24, 2016


Brutal, relentless, impulsive and aching to use pure malevolent violence to prove a potent point. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan within the span of less than 35 minutes into the premiere of The Walking Dead season 7 has single handedly achieved the most fucked up emotional scenario since the Governor lopped off Hershel’s head.

The entire episode is to prove the ultimate and absolute point that Negan’s rule is law. Not only killing Glenn in his twisted game of eenie, meenie, miney, moe. Abraham also fell to Lucille’s barb wired stride leaving nothing but brain matter on the gravel and as Negan put it “One hell of a first impression ”

The leader of the saviors is charismatic in the vile sense of whistling while you work. Unlike the past seasons where the start has been a relief or an exciting upheaval. Season 7 succeeds in putting a sour taste in your mouth and leaving you with a hollow bitter dilemma of a hostage situation and a mentally shattered Rick.

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Regardless of the emotional damage and heart strings pulled. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has proven that he can pull his weight as the megalomaniac Negan. Giving this season a pull to watch that is completely it’s own. Now hooking us with the demanding impulsion to continue watching to see not only how the group will recuperate under his tyrannous rule but also what atrocities Negan will commit before he’s finally stopped.

Tune into The Walking Dead’s Second episode of the 7th season next Sunday at 9:30 on AMC to find out. 

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