Neill Blomkamp Confirms Newt Returning For ‘Alien 5’ Shares Concept Art

Apr 26, 2016


Neill Blomkamp is already celebrating Alien day with sharing more concept artwork from his Alien 5 project with Sigourney Weaver reprising the Ripley role, which is officially on hold while Ridley Scott shoots Alien: Covenant.

Alien day

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The artwork is of a grown-up Newt from Aliens, now not dead further confirming Neill’s plans to retcon the events of Alien3. It’s been rumored that Newt might be taking over the leading role in the franchise as Ripley passes the franchise torch to her.

Screen shot 2016-04-23 at 6.15.50 AM

There has been expectations that we’ll end-up with a new actress in the role of Newt, mainly because Carrie Henn’s only film credit was 1986’s Aliens. It’s hard to imagine Fox would be willing to hand-off a huge franchise like that to a one-time actress.


I’d personally like to see someone like Rachel McAdams takeover the part, but another excellent suggestion was Emily Blunt. She basically played a Ripley type in Edge of Tomorrow, that’s if the busy actress doesn’t land a time-eating role like Captain Marvel.

This looks like it was created by artist Callum Alexander Watt, who did a massive amount of character concept artwork for the Alien: Isolation video game.

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