Neill Blomkamp Says ALIEN Film Is Direct Sequel To ALIENS; Weaver Wants Proper Finish For Ripley

Feb 25, 2015


Neill Blomkamp hopes to keep a lockdown on details concerning his Alien 5 film which was recently confirmed by 20th Century Fox. Entertainment Weekly however pressed him for a couple of details and he confirmed to them that Sigourney Weaver‘s Ripley is indeed apart of his film.

Sky Movies was able to speak with both Neill and Sigourney Weaver about the new Alien film. Weaver expressing her desire to see a “proper finish” for Ripley. Neill confirming his film is a direct sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens. Seemingly confirming previous talk of retconning Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.

“I want this film to feel like it’s literally the genetic sibling of Aliens. So it’s Alien, Aliens and this movie. “

Ripley being the protagonist would mean this won’t be some sort of bridge film between Prometheus 2 and Alien, which some misinformedĀ reporters have been suggesting. There are huge time gaps between these films and it just wouldn’t make sense. It was revealed as well that Ridley Scott be starting production his Prometheus sequel as early as September.

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Weaver helped develop the film’s concept with Blomkamp so there was always an expectation she’d return to play Ripley.

We’ve already talked about the many ways Blomkamp could revive both Ripley and Hicks along with it not being directly connected to Prometheus. Glad to see Neill sort of confirming our suspicions of the project’s details.

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While we’ll likely see the return of Michael Biehn in the role of Hicks, if Newt returns they’ll have to recast with a new actor. Considering Carrie Henn hasn’t really done much acting since Aliens. My idealĀ parring for Weaver would be Amy Adams, plus she’s an actress who could move the franchise forward once they end the Ripley saga.

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Btw check out this image from last year’s Calgary Expo that has Weaver and Michael Biehn rocking pulse rifles, they could obviously pull-off another action packed Alien installment. The main cast (even Newt!) of Aliens reunited for their huge event Aliens Exposed. It’s extremely likely that Michael Biehn will be asked to reprise the role of Hicks in the film.

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