New Fan Theory Suggests ‘Star Wars’ Rey Is A Palpatine Not A Skywalker

Jul 28, 2016


Fan theories have always been an important aspect of the Star Wars universe, we saw a bunch of them before The Force Awakens started casting and some people actually expected the original cast to lead the film.

Details and tidbits are always in flux and fans pick-up on every little detail out there to develop their own theories and predictions for what’s coming or what’s already there hidden in plain-sight.

A new one is being highlighted by Vincent Vendetta via SlashFilm.

The video talks about the theory that Rey isn’t Luke’s daughter or another Skywalker, but actually is a descendant of Emperor Palpatine.

One of the most compelling arguments in the video points-out that Rey’s lightsaber fighting style is exactly the same as Emperor Palpatine. Also, bringing up the saga has always had a Palaptine and Skywalker at┬áthe centre of the films.

Seeing the roles switched with a heroic Palpatine (Rey) and a villainous Skywalker (Kylo), might be how they figure on the new dynamic for the next trilogy.

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There is a large segment of fandom that believe Rey is Luke’s daughter and since he had children in the novels the possibility is out there. Funny enough, Ben was the name of Luke’s son with Mara Jade in the books and that was used for Kylo Ren instead of Jacen.

I’m not totally convinced they’d remove the other Skywalker children completely┬áto make Kylo the only one. But, seeing Rey not being a Skywalker is possible.

Another side of me thinks she could be both, maybe she is the daughter of Luke and Mara Jade is revealed to be Palpatine’s daughter.


This would crumble another fan theory that Rogue One‘s Jyn Erso is Mara or Rey’s mother.


It’s interesting because there had been previous rumblings that General Hux was actually going to be a clone of Palpatine, a theory that hasn’t been confirmed or debunked in Force Awakens. Hux being a ginger, it makes us curious if he’s related to Mara and if he is really connected to Palpatine.

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We do expect to learn more about Rey’s origin in Star Wars: Episode VIII, it won’t be until December 2017 that we might learn if this true or just a fun theory.



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