New Luke Cage Trailer packs a punch!

Aug 10, 2016

A new full trailer from the upcoming Luke Cage Netflix series has been released and it definitely looks like nothing we have seen before. The creators are truly implementing a hip hop vibe to the series and I love it. The soundtrack to this is going to be insane! The trailer shows Cage running through his victims like a freight train while trying to protect his city and those around him. We also get a brief cameo from Claire Temple. I hope we also get an appearance from Jessica Jones or perhaps Danny Rand or Matt Murdock will make some sort of an appearance. Can you tell I’m just really excited to see The Defenders?

There is a specific scene where Cottonmouth is standing in front of a portrait of  Notorious B.I.G. and says “Everybody wants to be the king.” Wow, That was so brilliantly shot and I even got chills.

Did anyone catch a glimpse of the old school Luke Cage headgear as he escapes his tank? How cool was that?!

Season One of Luke Cage will hit Netflix on September 30th.