New ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Game Blasts It’s Way Online With Reveal Trailer; Releases In November

Apr 17, 2015


Today, Electronic Arts has released the reveal trailer for their first Star Wars game since the merger with Disney. This is our first real look at what they’ve put together for Star Wars Battlefront. The trailer starts-off in the forests of Endor, then flashes over landscapes on Hoth and other various planets. There’s even a shot of Vader and Boba Fett, I’m curious if you’ll be able to use classic character skins for multiplayer.

Screen shot 2015-04-17 at 1.55.58 PM

According to the official website if you pre-order the game you can battle on Jakku which is one of the new planets featured in The Force Awakens. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a few more new planets from Awakens in the DLC.

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ goes on sale November 17th on PS4, PC and Xbox One.
The ominous thud of an AT-AT stomping down. Rebel forces firing blasters. Imperial speeder bikes zipping by. Intense dogfights between squadrons of X-wings and TIE fighters filling the skies. Immerse yourself in the epic Star WarsTM battles you’ve always dreamed of and create new heroic moments of your own in Star Wars™ Battlefront™.

It’s hard to get a real beat on the game mainly because I can’t tell of this is a bunch of in-game cut scenes or actual gameplay. Reveal trailers do include a lot of cinematics from within the games, so I can’t blame them but I had hoped to see some clearly defined gameplay here, having DICE showing-off all this work for gameplay.

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Here are a couple of official screenshots posted on IGN.

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All game projects at LucasArts and other game studios were shutdown once Disney assigned all the games would be developed at EA. This killed a whole bunch of cool games in development including a Darth Maul game titled Battle of The Sith Lords, the Boba Fett game 1313, and an awesome looking first-person-shooter titled First Assault. We recently pointed out how Star Wars Battlefront could have been influenced or repurposed from LucasArts’ Star Wars: First Assault. Since, at the time LucasArts had been developing Assault as a precursor to their next Battlefront game. I’m kind of hoping that EA resurrects or incorporates Battle of The Sith Lords and 1313 down the line.

Battlefront is making it’s way onto multiple platforms on November 17th, 2015.

Check out the previous teasers from EA and Dice.


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