The New World Order Starts Here, A “GI Joe Cobra World Order Prelude” REVIEW

Oct 13, 2015

Mad Cave Studios


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GI Joe Cobra World Order Preludegi32

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S. L. Gallant
Inker: Brian Shearer
Colorist: J. Brown

GI Joe, the code name for Americas’ highly trained daring special mission force, and their purpose in this issue is to update new readers and old to the current state of the GI Joe/Cobra conflict. If you haven’t been keeping up with GI Joe and the rest of the Real American Heroes, this issue is a perfect starting point. Even though this is an update/recap issue that is setting the stage for future conflicts and issues, there is still a story being told under guise of a the tour of the Pit and other Joe installations.gi33

The GI Joe comic universe wouldn’t be what it is today without Larry Hama telling all of his incredible stories, and with Hama writing for this upcoming eight chapter bi-weekly event, you know there will be some special moments. Here in this issue, the Joes play host to a government official who is taking a tour of the Pit to learn more about what she has inherited as the head of oversight committee who keeps tabs on the gi3heroes.

Duke leads her around the installation with her aid, who we later find out is a Cobra agent. Though the Joes know there is a spy in their base, they continue with the tour, goading the agent along with some clear remarks about Cobra.

Hama does an excellent job of summarizing how the GI Joes operate, who and where their operatives are and their capabilities as well as how the Arashikage ninjas fit into the picture. The art of Gallant shows some glimpses into what will come when the real story arc opens up. The GI Joes are a bunch of colorfully uniformed and code named heroes, and just from a non-combat issue, there was enough to be excited about in the upcoming issues. The inking and coloring does a terrific job of equally making the Cobra troopers look dangerous and not goofy or gimmicky. Cobra, along with their several smaller groups that comprise their evil organization (M.A.R.S. and Dreadknoks) are shown via the intel that the Pit’s command room has acquired. Whatever Hama and the rest of the creative team have in store when Chapter One hits, if this issue is an indication it will be something that fans of the classic stories or new readers looking for an action packed comic without superpowers will definitely want to read. This prelude is an excellent start for everyone giving them the lay of the battlefield ahead.

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