New Worlds Comic Reviews (Goof #2 & Wynter #2)

May 15, 2014

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goof-2-cover (480x640)Goof # 2 (New Worlds Comics)

Writer: Guy Hasson

Artist: Borja Pindado

After finishing Goof #1 I had to get right into the next issue to see what Captain Gorgeous would do next. Captain Gorgeous is a Superhero who has been given powers by aliens to protect Earth from other aliens. He has been doing a great job of that. On the other hand he seems to get in situations that baffle the mind and make you laugh.goof-2-page-2 (480x640)

In this issue he is following around Melody Malone who we met in issue one. Melody has won over the Captain’s heart but she does not know it yet. In fact she has never even met him. His heart, libido, and mind are all focused on her. Basically he has forgotten everything and everyone else on Earth.

Meanwhile the Aliens known as The Zik are coming to Earth. They are led by Captain CrapDee-Pants. The hijinks that come with the names of these aliens will remind you of Abbott and Costello doing a stand-up routine (Wow just showed my age there). The writing style of Guy Husson is still funny and whimsical and will really bring out your inner child. You will feel that you are in grade school laughing at some of the situations that take place in this comic. They have a new artist on the issue but you will not even notice. Borja does an excellant job of bringing the goofiness out in Goof. Overall this is a fun comic to read. Just forget about everything else in the world and head over to iTunes and get your copy like, NOW!


Wynter-2-Cover (480x640)Wynter # 2 (New Worlds Comics)

Writer: Guy Husson

Artist: Aron Elekes

Yes Wynter Issue number two has finally came out. The follow up to the surprise Science Fiction hit of the year (for me at least). Some spoilers ahead from issue one. As we pick up the story Liz’s friend was stabbed in the street by an unknown assailant. As Shane is trying to send a visual to Liz she dies and does not get the transmission out. The App that Liz now holds is very dangerous. So dangerous that the Galactic Government finds it a threat to them and have sent a Supreme Agent out to kill anyone in their way. Wynter-2-Page-2 (479x640)

This Supreme Agent is Alex Grace. An agent who will kill anyone without hesitation. As we have already seen when he stabbed Shane. Now he is after Liz. She will be easy prey for our hired killer because she is sitting in a holding cell. Alex and the Galactic Government knows every move she will make. Liz will have to do something that is unlike anything in the universe and that is be unpredictable.

Once again Guy Husson has taken science fiction to another level. His futuristic story puts you on the edge of your seat. If that is not enough we are left with a cliff hanger that will drive you crazy. Even causing some to openly beg for issue number three’s release. The artwork done by Aron Elekes is not to go unnoticed. He has created a very detailed universe one can become lost in. His design of Liz Wynter is just so detailed and sexy that I would spend way to long just staring at a panel to take it all in. Go pick up this copy and join me and thousands of other readers in this great futuristic tale.