What Are NFTs?

Non fungible tokens or NFT’s are unique files registered on a blockchain, most commonly as art and collectibles. The Difference between an NFT and a typical cryptocurrency or tokens is the unique identifier. NFTs are not interchangable…think of it like a dollar bill. Dollars are interchangeable, but the serial numbers on the dollars make them unique…

5 Best Technical Indicators For Day Trading

A technical indicator provides you with valuable insights regarding financial instruments. Here, we discuss the 5 best technical indicators for day trading.

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5 Best Streams Of Income With Crypto

The cryptocurrency revolution is sweeping the world, have you considered the various streams of income with crypto?

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Humbl beginnings…ONE APP TO RULE THEM ALL. | TheGww.com

By Stevey Checkers Key Takeaways Humbl Pay continues to establish itself as a global payment option.Humbl has multiple revenue streams in the making.Digibyte will have exponential growth due to its utilization in the Humbl Pay app.Fintechzoom(dot)com are a bunch of...

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