Nightwing #82 (REVIEW)

Jul 19, 2021

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Nightwing #82
DC Comics

Written by: Tom Taylor
Pencils by: Bruno Redondo, Rick Leonardi & Neil Edwards
Inks by: Redondo, Andy Lanning & Scott Hanna
Colors by: Adriano Lucas
Letters by: Wes Abbott

If you’re looking for answers after the last issue of Nightwing, you’re about to get them. Tom Taylor makes sure to explain the latest crazy development in Dick Grayson’s life in Nightwing #82. But before readers learn more about Melinda Zucco, Taylor and Bruno Redondo give us a little something else.

Nightwing has touched so many corners of the DC Universe, and we know he’s developed a lot of relationships. However, not too long ago, he was isolated while dealing with a memory lapse. But the more we’ve seen of Dick Grayson since that experience, the more he’s been surrounded by friends and family. And with the first few pages of Nightwing #82, we see practically everyone who’s ever cared about Dick Grayson show up. No one wants to lose him again (which is great news for Night readers — means we shouldn’t get another Ric Grayson-level mess again).

Outside of Taylor and Redondo’s message at the start of Nightwing #82, the focus is on the life of Tony Zucco’s ex-wife. Not only does Taylor show respect to DC’s history with this story, he develops it further. But, there’s still quite a bit more for us to learn about this new character, who is now very much front and center.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Nightwing #82 ahead.)

Taylor’s handling of Meili Lin’s backstory was seamless, and was definitely something that had to be done carefully. In addition to handling the situation with care, Taylor made sure readers got everything they needed on the matter and nothing more. Because of that — on top of his overall track record — I feel good about whatever he has in store for Melinda.

Score: 9

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