Nightwing #83 (Review)

Aug 17, 2021

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Nightwing #83 (REVIEW)

Following up on the bombshell of the past two issues of Nightwing, we finally get to see what Dick Grayson has been planning with the inheritance Alfred left to him. The whirlwind of emotion and chaos that Dick has experienced the past few issues come head-on as we see what he has decided to do with the inheritance. 

By: DC Comics

Words by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Bruno Redondo
Color by: Adriano Lucas
Letters by: Wes Abbott
Release Date: 08/17/2021

The issue wraps up the bombshell of Melinda Zucco being Dick’s older half sister while still asking which side is she really for. With who truly rules Bludhaven set aside for a future issue, the actual story of Dick finding the courage to take a leap of faith is on the main stage.

Seeking the advice of his closest confidants on his new challenge, the one person we were shocked to see as his moral compass is Superman. This revelation is jarring at first but has been hinted at for a long time. The conversation between Dick and Clark allowed us to see how important Alfred was to the superhero community and how much he is truly missed. 

Since Tom Taylor took over for Nightwing, the series has been elevated to a new level. This issue focuses on being less about the action and more on Dick building his own legacy; which shows how strong his understanding of the characters are, such as the ability to drop a massive bombshell of Melinda and then build a new one in a few panels. Even with all of that, the story flows beautifully. 

Having to keep up with Taylor, Bruno Redondo’s art is a perfect compliment. One key feature is knowing when to be detailed and when it is not necessary. The series and this issue are great examples of that skill. Very few panels if any feel out of place even when there is nothing but dialog. The panels of Nightwing and Superman talking as friends sums up how the art is able to convey a peaceful conversation. 

The only downside is how similar the story is to Matt Fraction’s and David Aja’s Hawkeye run. Both heroes live in a near empty apartment building, adopt a dog and the main characters have come into a lot of money and want to help out the community. The other thing they have in common is being very well written and drawn. 

The series is great and this issue helps bridge the many subplots that have been introduced. Having similarities to Hawkeye hasn’t deterred from the overall story as both are different. This issue is what sets it apart as we see Dick start becoming who Alfred always knew he could be. 

SCORE: 9.0

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