Nightwing Annual #3 (REVIEW)

Nightwing Annual #3
DC Comics

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Inaki Miranda
Colors by: Nick Filardi
Letters by: AndWorld Design


There was one slight point of confusion in Nightwing Annual #3 that was a tad frustrating. Once things were cleared up, it was both a relief, yet still somewhat frustrating.

Outside of that, Nightwing Annual #3 is a real breath of fresh air for loyal fans. While it doesn’t move the current Nightwing story forward, we may see something from Nightwing Annual #3 pop up as the next chapter of Ric Grayson’s story begins.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Nightwing Annual #3 ahead.)

So, we get the note that the events in Nightwing Annual #3 take place after Nightwing #68. Then Jacqueline Hale instructs her co-workers/employees to study the film of Condor Red fighting Ric Grayson as Talon — not knowing he’s Nightwing. Then we see Dick Grayson, not Ric, back in the real Nightwing suit.

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It isn’t until the end of the issue that it’s made clear the footage was from 18 months prior. I thought it was recent, which is why I was rattled – knowing full well what went on in Nightwing #71. It was a strange relief to know that Nightwing still has his upcoming dance with the Joker. (The idea is promising.) At the same time, I was a bit annoyed that this detail was unclear throughout the issue. It was a bit distracting — but that was probably the intent.

Still, it was nice to see Dick Grayson back in action and not Ric.

As for the Condor initiative, I would love to see them get involved in the upcoming story. the main reason, honestly: their armor looks sick.

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