Jun 22, 2021


Online casinos strive to attract new players to their sites by offering them all sorts of bonuses and promotions, the most generous of which used to be a deposit bonus. Everybody liked the idea, and every casino began to offer it until eventually it lost the quality of a bonus, being taken for granted instead. It’s the No Deposit Bonus that’s taken its place.

Assuming you’re new to online gambling, we’ll explain what a no-deposit bonus is, its advantages, how it works, and requirements for obtaining it. Ideally, it will help you understand what $100 no deposit bonus codes 2021 are, and what you can do with them.

What Is a Deposit Bonus?

To make it simple, we’ll explain what a deposit bonus is, first. The way it used to work is as follows. You selected an online casino and decided to bet there. In order to be able to do that, you had to create an account and make your first deposit from which you’d be able to place your bets. Now, to attract you to their sites, casinos began to offer welcome bonuses that amounted to a certain percent of your first deposit.

The money was real, but you could only withdraw it when certain requirements had been met. In the meantime, you had more money to bet with than what you had invested. For example, a 500% Deposit Bonus means, you deposit $20 when you register and have $100 added to your account right away.

What Is a No-Deposit Bonus?

A no-deposit bonus means $100 is added to your account when you register, and you don’t have to deposit anything for that. You may use that money to place your bets, which sounds a lot better as you haven’t actually paid a cent so far. In other words, a genuinely free entry.

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You can’t just grab the money and walk away though. It would turn the casino into a charity organisation. There’re certain requirements to meet before you can make your first withdrawal (we’ll get to it just now). Plus, the money isn’t real, it’s a sort of demo account for you to see if you like it before you pay anything. But the money you win in the process is very real, and you’ll be able to withdraw it later.

How Do I Benefit from the Bonus?

1. The immediate advantage of the offer is obvious: you’re given an opportunity to see what it’s all about, whether you like it, and decide if you’d like to continue, before you pay a cent. Plus, you’re given some money to start with, and your winnings from it will be real. And if you decide it’s not your cup of tea, you simply step out, and you haven’t lost anything.

2. It’s not just the lucrative bets and gripping games that you want to check. You want to test yourself too. Do you like it? Do you have luck or some necessary skills? Can you manage your emotions and stay cool? Many people have gone looney over their slots, and you don’t really want to follow them.

3. Besides, you don’t have to be new to gambling. You might have been in the game for some time, and you just want to see what this particular casino is like. You can do it for free.

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How Does a No-Deposit Bonus Work?

As soon as you register and receive your bonus, you’ll get access to games, slots and all sorts of options, like live-streaming and mobile betting, and you may start playing.

The money you make is real, and it’s yours, but you’ll have to meet some wagering requirements before you may withdraw it. In simple terms, it means you’ll either have to bet a certain amount or a certain number of times first.

As soon as that happens, your get access to your money, and it won’t be a demo anymore.

What Are the Requirements?

1. You must be at least 18 years old.

2. You may not have more than one account at the same casino.

How Do I Get the Bonus?

You create an account at a casino first, on your PC or your smartphone.

The registration procedure is quite simple and quick. All you do is

  • open their webpage or download their app,
  • send them your basic personal data, like your name, e-mail address, et cetera,
  • choose your payment method,

and you’re done.

You’ll have to verify your identity too, which is another quick and straightforward procedure, but you can leave it for later if you like. You’ll just have to do it before you may withdraw your first money.

But you must remember to enter your $100 no deposit bonus code during your registration - it’s a welcome bonus, and you can’t use it afterwards.


If you’d like to try it, just browse online casino sites, select the one you like, get your $100, and have a good time, and good luck.


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