Not Your Parents Holiday Movies

Dec 22, 2020


Here in the US, once we get to Thanksgiving, it seems like every network starts revving up its typical, heavily Christmas offerings. Movies like Elf, The Polar Express, and A Christmas Story start showing up like your relatives that you’re glad you only have to deal with for 1/12 of the year. However, as the art of cinema is a wildly diverse scope, we tend to see movies that crop up that some people relate to these holidays. Now, the most talked about flick is Die Hard considering it takes place during a Christmas party in Nakatomi Tower. However, for myself, one of my favorite films I need to see every holiday season is Trading Places. Yes, that one with Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd where they have a little switching between the rich and the poor. It takes place, at least in part, during Christmas and New Year’s at that just always became a movie I’d watch.

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So, with those thoughts in mind I polled some of the Geeks WorldWide Community to see what they watch during this most darkening time of the year (since now we are on the upswing in daylight!!) Here’s some of the contributions we received about other non-traditional films for the holidays:

  • Heather (@biteymadlady) - Our non-traditional tradition is to snuggle up together during the holidays and watch Doctor Who -usually while munching on Jammie Dodgers and Fish Fingers armed with a deadly spoon. There are so many seasons of it now that we never know until the day what Doctor we will be watching. The only thing you can be sure of is that someone will be wearing a fez!
  • @Th3F3rg(B) - Gremlins, Just Friends, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Peppermint
  • George (@insertnamehere92) - In Bruges, Batman Returns, Anything written by Shane Black
  • Brian Villar (@CoinOpBrian) - Krampus
  • @atlas_lost - Black Christmas
  • @Skechy Boy - Rare Exports
  • Peter (@Edricson_Tero (Peter Morrow)) - Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Movies

Quite the variety of films that people enjoy this time of year and every year there seems to be more that come out that are traditional (Like The Grinch Musical) and ones that aren’t necessarily traditional but are during the season (Like Godmothered on Disney+). No matter what you watch for your holidays, I hope that they are good ones!

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