Not your typical Zombie story in “Zombie Zero” (Review)

May 16, 2016

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zombie zero cover

Zombie Zero

Written by: Christopher Reda                                    Art by: Leandro Rizzo

Last month I attended Wonder-Con here in Los Angeles. One of my favorite things to do is venture down the aisles in the small press area. I absolutely love finding new independent comics. Now, if that comic is classified in the horror genre I am as ecstatic as a five year old on Christmas morning. Well low and behold I found another exceptional gem.

Before you say another word this is not another Walking Dead rip-off. Please keep reading because this is the exact opposite. Usually you follow survivors during a Zombie Apocalypse and their trials and tribulations. This comic follows the last known zombie on Earth. Fifteen years ago the world was taken over by the undead, The Mortuus Virus spread rapidly and commandeered mankind almost to the point of extinction. Jump ahead to the present day. Where the last known specimen of the outbreak (Alexander Zomie Zero pageLivingston) is being held for observation and research by microbiologist Dr. Victor Brooks. What findings can Dr. Brooks discover? Or will the subject escape and unearth a world where he is the hunted?

In this first of seven issues Christopher Reda tells an incredible story. Reda has pulled me into this imaginative story that is very unique. Along with great art work done perfectly in black and white by Leandro Rizzo. I am hooked. Sometimes horror in black and white has a more intense feel to it, Just like old horror movies. We don’t always need the graphic blood red flowing through our minds to know it is gruesome.


If you love horror especially the sub genre of the Zombie Apocalypse then this is a story you will enjoy.

You can find this comic for sale here:  Zombie Zero - Comixology

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