Old Man Hawkeye is Coming To Town

Oct 5, 2017

The Marksman is dusting off his quiver! It has just been announced Tuesday that Marvel will be releasing a new series focusing on Hawkeye in the years shortly before the events of OLD MAN LOGAN. January will bring us stories written by Ethan Sacks of New York Daily News and artist Marco Checchetto. The news of a new Hawkeye series set in this time period is amazing and a very pleasant surprise to hear just short of New York Comic Con. We will get more info on this after the MARVEL LEGACY: X-MEN panel on Friday, October 5 at 6:30pm from NYCC though we’ve got some preliminary information to tide you over:

The 12-issue run will be set 45 years into the future, taking place in a darker world where the heroic archer must avenge his fallen teammates – while he still can. Sacks, a long-time Marvel fan who currently covers comics and Marvel for the New York Daily News, previously wrote a story for the third issue of SECRET EMPIRE: BRAVE NEW WORLD.

“Ethan’s been a journalist for years, and he’s a certified nerd,” said Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada. “I’ve known him well over a decade, and I never knew he could write non-fiction until one day, he told me, ‘I wrote this Star Wars one-shot.’ When I find anyone who’s talented, I always hand them to our editors and say, ‘do not be affected by the fact this is coming from me.’ And everyone loved the Star Wars story and what he had done.”

Clint Barton is a figure that has endured so much in his time with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers so seeing him, a well-trained yet normal human, reminds us that even though we might not be superhuman, any one of us can be better than we are today. Hawkeye shows us that it doesn’t take money, power, or magic to be something special; it just takes the drive within yourself to push yourself. This series will be one we’ll be looking out for in January when it releases.


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