Old School Musical Review

Oct 3, 2018


Old School Musical
Reviewed on Nintendo Switch
Developer: La Moutarde
Publishers: Plug In Digital, Playdius Entertainment

I was never a fan of musicals, until two years ago when I watched “La La Land” and completely fell in love with it. I remember listening to the soundtrack on my way to work and how I couldn’t stop thinking about that movie. The day “La La Land” was released on DVD and Bluray, I made a trip to best buy to buy a copy and I watched it over and over. Old School Musical for the Nintendo Switch had a similar effect on me.
Old School Musical is a rhythm game that’s full of charisma, humor, and a surprisingly good story. In this game, you follow Tib and Rob as they look for their mother that goes missing. The story of the game takes its twists and turns, though the turns are predictable they are enjoyable to watch unfold.

Not only is the story well written its actually a very funny story. In my two hour play through that it took to finish the story mode I found myself chuckling at some of the jokes Tib and Rob were making. Old School Musical’s story feels like a love letter to gamers. Every level has an Easter egg to another game making you want to discover what comes next. One level I was clearly playing in a world that was heavily influenced by Pokemon and later on in the game I was laughing as an NPC delivered a line straight from Skyrim. Old School Musical brings their own versions of Metal Gear Solid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Metal Slug, just to name a few, to this wacky musical and despite the fact that these games have nothing in common they all fit perfectly with the story the game is trying to tell. Old School Musical is not only a game with a crazy good story but its a game with crazy good music, after all, it wouldn’t be able to be called a musical if it didn’t have good music right? The tunes that you are playing in this game are catchy video game tunes that feel like were taken straight from an 80’s arcade. I don’t think I came across a song that didn’t grow on me and that didn’t get stuck in my head for hours.

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After you beat Old School Musical an endgame mode unlocks which I won’t talk about just for spoiler sake but let me tell you it makes you want to come back to Tib and Rob. Old School Musical also comes packing with a multiplayer mode and an arcade mode in which you get to choose what level from the story mode you want to play. At the end of the day, Old School Musical delivers a full package for gamers of all ages to enjoy.
Old School Musical’s story and Easter eggs are more than enough to make you buy this game, you will spend two or three hours max in this world but in your playthrough, you will not stop smiling. Even if you don’t care for the multiplayer or arcade mode the story and music are totally worth your time and the price tag of $13.00.

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