OSRS slayer: Essential Slayer Training Guide

Dec 28, 2020


Monsters lurk in every corner of Gielinor. Unfortunately, not all monsters succumb to your attacks—especially if you haven’t got enough slayer XP. As you ratchet up this skill and farm more money, you’ll find yourself not being desperate to buy OSRS slayer gold for your needs; you’ll simply go on more adventures and the gold will roll right in.

Here’s a noteworthy guide to help you train your OSRS slayer skill to hopefully allow you to collect and sell OSRS gold along the way.

What is Slayer?

First, let’s get down to the definition of what slaying really is. OSRS slayer is essentially the skill necessary for players to slay monsters who would otherwise be impervious to your attacks.

Find a Slayer Master

First things first. Go to an OSRS slayer master. Once you find one, you will be assigned a specific monster to kill. You’ll notice that Slayer Monsters will give you menial tasks such as killing a dozen cows or so at the onset. Don’t get discouraged. You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. After completing your task, you may then come back to the Slayer Master to be rewarded accordingly. As you progress and you start to level up this skill, you will promptly graduate to bigger, more menacing monsters.

Know the Different Types of Slayer Masters

As it stands, there’s a total of 8 Slayer Masters in OSRS. Naturally, you will get to unlock the more advanced masters as you progress. Now, you might be asking yourself why you should even bother unlocking the high-tier Slayer Masters? That’s simple. They give you better tasks. The better the tasks you undertake, the more OSRS gold you will get.

Turael – Perhaps the easiest OSRS Sayer Master to “please”, Turael gives out the easiest tasks. There’s no minimum level requirement for his tasks which makes him perfect for lower-level players. Look for him in Burthorpe where he’ll be in a small boathouse just south of the general store.

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Krystilia – As with Turael, you won’t need to meet certain combat or OSRS Slayer level to undertake Krystila’s tasks. There is one catch, though! You have to do the tasks she assigns you in the wilderness! You can find her by the jailhouse in Edgeville.

Spria – Turael’s daughter will give you pretty much the same tasks as her father. The only thing is she won’t reward you with OSRS Slayer XP, so what would be the point? You will, however, find that she has a more significant role in the Porcine of Interest quest.

Mazchna – Perhaps the 2nd easiest OSRS Slayer Master, Mazchna will require you to be at least level 20 combat. He is located in the northeastern part of Canifis.

Vannaka – With a minimum combat level requirement of 40, Vannake is considered to be a mid-tier OSRS Slayer Master. You can find him to the east of the Wilderness gate in the Edgeville Dungeon.

Chaeldar – Another mid-level OSRS Slayer Master, Chaeldar requires the completion of her tasks to be done in the Lost City. Look for her in the Fairy Queen’s throne in Zanaris.

Kunar quo Maten – Things will start to heat up now because she is the third hardest OSRS Slayer Master (level 75 combat level requirement). She is also one of the primary Slayer Masters who will assign multiple locations attached to her tasks. She can be located at the top of Mount Karuulm.

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Nieve/Steve – As the second hardest OSRS Slayer Master, Steve will require you to have a combat level of at least 85 before assigning you a task. You can find her in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Duradel – Now for the toughest of all OSRS Slayer Masters. To take on Duradel’s assignments, you’ll need a Slayer level of 50 as well as a combat level of at least 100. You’ll also need to complete the Shilo Village quest before talking to him because you won’t be able to enter the Shilo Village (where he is) before doing so.

Take Your Progression One Step at a Time

It’s natural for OSRS beginners to hear about OSRS slayer masters yet have absolutely no idea what it is about. By now, you will have been illuminated enough to understand exactly how valuable this skill is. To say that training your OSRS slayer skill in OSRS would be a gross understatement. Because, in fact, it is a rather essential skill to hone. Gielinor, after all, is rife with monsters galore, and not paying for having enough in the slayer department would be short of suicide. Hopefully, we were able to steer you in the right direction with this guide. With a little time, a pinch of patience, and a chockful of determination, you can boost your slayer skill and roam Gielinor with no fear whatsoever. Good luck on your journey!

So what do you think? Do you already employ any of the tips we tackled in this guide? Do you have some of your own that we might have missed? Perhaps OSRS gold-selling tips because OSRS slayer gold sells like hotcakes after all? Maybe some profitable OSRS gold buying tricks? Do tell us about it by leaving a comment below! 

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