Olivia Twist #1 Review

Sep 18, 2018


Olivia Twist #1
Dark Horse Comics

Written By: Darin Strauss & Adam Dalva
Art By: Emma Vieceli
Colors By: Lee Loughridge

Olivia Twist #1 is the beginning of a four-issue run and it’s a new take on the Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist. At first, we’re introduced to a couple that are Olivia’s parents. This short and sweet beginning is definitely one of my favorite parts of the issue. Later on, we are taken to a factory where many kids work until they hit the age of 18 and Olivia is among them. Olivia has a great introduction on where she stands. She is definitely doing what she needs to so she can escape the factory and it isn’t long after we’re introduced to her that it happens. When we see her leave, we discover how the world is in a bit of a tragic state.

What I do like here though is that it begins to be about Olivia on trying to survive in this new world. Along the way, she meets a few people and it’ll be interesting to see what steps she takes when she finds herself in a new place by the end of the first issue. She isn’t alone though, she makes a friend along the way to help her out. They’re not outright friends right now, but I like that it shows how you can still meet good people in new areas and there are people out there who just like to help. The artwork is very enjoyable. Nothing is really exaggerated in the character’s faces for emotion. It’s all a more realistic look at the character’s designs. A good chunk of the comic has this dark shade over it but that’s to compliment the gloomy mood and setting that everyone is in given the situations that Olivia is in.

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Right now I feel like this issue is a good start. We’re introduced to our main character that is very likable. We learn bits about the world everyone is living in and while I found that part to be a little bit dragging at times, it still serves well to give Olivia a place she will have to fight hard to keep her life in it. Olivia Twist offers the beginning of a survival story for someone who is just looking to get away from a terrible situation and just wants to find some peace and a home. With the way the issue ends, I think it may give its readers a desire to continue following this journey.

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