Once and Future #13 (REVIEW)

Nov 17, 2020


Once and Future #13
BOOM! Studios

Written By: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Dan Mora
Colors by: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire

Dan Mora’s artwork is always good, his Once and Future run being no exception. His heroes always have an energetic way about them that you don’t find in comics — which isn’t a knock on other books. Some books call for different vibes. It’s just something you always know you’re going to get from Mora.

At the same time, he can pivot to these menacing characters he’s featured throughout Once and Future. We don’t get a ton of that, specifically, in Once and Future #13. instead, Mora turned up the violence for a bit.

There’s some humor to it all, too. Personally, didn’t see it coming. Can’t help but wonder how far he’ll go with that moving forward.

Still, this was far from the craziest issue Mora and Kieron Gillen have produced, but the momentum behind this book remains the same. Once and Future #13 set the course for where the next few issues are headed and addressed a few things that readers needed an update on.

Have you seen this:

(WARNING: Spoilers for Once and Future #13 ahead.)

Biggest thing readers needed answers on was how Duncan instantly became a good fighter the second he was thrown in this mess. Finally, we know why — and in this crazy story, Gillen’s explanation makes a lot of sense.

It also feels like Rose is going to get a part in “the story” soon. Whether that becomes part of Gran’s plan or not is another matter. 

Score: 8.5

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