One Man VS the World in “Strayer” #1 Review

Jan 26, 2016


strayercover1Strayer #1
Aftershock Comics

Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Juan Gedeon
Colourist: Tamra Bonvillain
Letterer: Rachel Deering

Imagine a world gone wrong, where humanity blew itself back to a time where there is very little technology and what we consider our world is known only as the High Ages and the Time of Dreams. A world where advanced machines known as Titans roam the earth destroying what little left of humanity exists. This is the world of Strayer, and it is awesome.

Upon meeting Strayer, the title character we learn that he is a mercenary, primarily caring about himself but willing to play the hero as long as he gets something in return. In the course of the strayerinterior1story we learn that the large, heavily scarred man has something very special about him, told to us by Mala Tenboom, a mysterious Archemancer. Mala wants to return the world to what it used to be and needs Strayer’s help to do it.

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Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Shadowman, Deep State) gives us just enough of this world and just enough of the characters to get me hooked and wanting more by the end of this issue. His dialogue is sharp and hilarious at the same time. Juan Gedeon (Ghost Racers) has shot up to become one of my favourite artists with this first issue and his previous work. His panel layouts work beautifully and the double page spread is a fantastic piece of art. One of the things I love about this issue is how fast and kinetic the action scenes are, particularly when Strayer fights a Titan. The art wouldn’t be the same without Tamra Bonvillain (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Wayward, Rat Queens) and having previously worked with Gedeon on Ghost Racers, Bonvillain’s electric blues and fiery oranges give this book life it would not have otherwise.

Jordan and Gedeon have crafted the beginning of a fantastic story with this first issue and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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