One too many Supermans in “Action Comics” #957 (Review)

Jun 8, 2016

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Action Comics #957
DC Comics

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Patrick Zircher

DC’s Action Comics #957 can be called an issue of confusion. At least, that is how I felt after reading it. I felt the issue was very much a suspense and shocking comic because we get Lex Luthor wearing the big S. In this issue, Lex Luthor seemingly saves an office building from some robbers. However, the robbery almost seems staged and your made to wonder if it is? The New Superman flies into action after he sees Super Luther on the news. Our new Superman, also known as pre-flashpoint Superman, battles with Luthor to claim his title as protector of Metropolis. Pre-flashpoint Superman holds true to what the S stands for and says that Luthor will not bring justice. I feel this series will be about defining what the S “indefinitely” stands for.

In another panel, Lois and Superman’s son, Jon, are moving to a new home. I am looking forward to see if Superman’s son will become another Super Boy or be a completely new and ingenious hero creation. I am hoping his son doesn’t turn into another Super Boy or gasp, another Superman!

I don’t want to spoil too much, but by the end of this issue readers will see three Supermans. It’s unclear why Luthor wants to be Superman and why a third Superman appears. As a writer, I think Dan Jurgens should have waited to unveil the third Superman. The issue already reveals a shocking return of a thought-to-be-dead mega villain and that is shock factor for one issue. I think it’s possible with too much surprise that the rest of the series could have less suspense.

Overall, I think this new Superman saga will grow on me. I wish the first new Superman Action comic didn’t start off with Lex Luthor. I feel Lex has been featured in too many Superman movies and comics as of late. This is a rebirth, but it doesn’t have to be a re-hash. I want to see writers push creativity to the limits and show us something new in every Rebirth issue. I feel this comic does a little of this, but could do more.

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