Operation: Rescue Batman! Detective Comics #938 (Review)

Aug 10, 2016


STL013959Detective Comics #938
DC Comics 

Written by: James T Tynion IV
Art by: Eber Ferreira, Eddy Barrows

The Rebirth Batman Detective series is one of my favorite comic books so far out of the rebirth relaunch. It’s my favorite because it shows us what would happen if Batman’s skills and technology were to fall in the hands of the military. In this issue, you see the full extent of the misuse of Batman’s tools and fighting techniques. What is even more engaging about this story is if there was an actual Batman, it is very possible a real life secret military organization would eventually copy him and use his technology and skills for a misguided principle like taking out “suspected” terrorists.

The Colony, which is similar to our CIA, is a covert group fighting terrorists domestic and abroad. The whole back story for the Colony and Colonel Jack are finally revealed in this issue. This particular back story helps strengthen the current plot and further develops Colonel Jack’s twisted idea of saving the world. Colonel Jack has heroic intentions of making the world a better place, he clearly has used his agents of the Colony to terminate those not necessarily evil to get what he wants.

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This issue shows the Batmen, that is the the soldiers wearing Batsuit-like armor, brutally murdering terrorists. Batman is disgusted that his image and technology is being used for selfish gain and tries to escape. Unfortunately Batman is captured again! Batman is nearly executed until his new trainees come to the rescue and all hell breaks lose. Plenty of fast paced action scenes are fill in the next panels and Batwomen finally confronts Colonel Kane about his agenda. The aftermath of the conversation is so good, that you will just have to read this issue and find out what happens next!

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