Optimizing Ethereum Staking: Eigenpie and Bitget Wallet Integration

Jun 25, 2024

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Article Summary


Eigenpie, a liquid restaking platform for Ethereum, has integrated Bitget Wallet for users to access Ethereum staking and potential revenue. This collaboration aims to enhance the staking experience and maximize returns for users.


Eigenpie has partnered with Bitget Wallet to offer seamless access to Ethereum staking services. Through this integration, users can easily navigate Eigenpie’s innovative restaking features via the Bitget Wallet platform.

Main Points

Eigenpie, a SubDAO by Magpie, focuses on restaking ETH LSTs through EigenLayer technology. Bitget Wallet’s COO, Alvin Kan, highlights the importance of restaking projects and the contribution to the Ethereum ecosystem. Bitget Wallet has integrated multiple protocols like EigenLayer, Lido, and Pendle for efficient staking services.


Bitget Wallet, a prominent Web3 wallet, supports over 100 blockchains and provides various features for users worldwide. The collaboration with Eigenpie strengthens the staking capabilities for Bitget Wallet users, offering a seamless staking experience with potential high yields and asset management.