Optimizing User Engagement: Solana Labs and Dialect Introduce Actions and Blinks

Jun 25, 2024

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Solana Labs Partner with Dialect to Introduce Actions and Blinks


Solana Labs teams up with Dialect to launch Actions and Blinks, with Access Protocol and other blockchain projects integrating these new products into their operations.


Solana Labs, the force behind the Solana blockchain, collaborates with communications startup Dialect to unveil Actions and Blinks, which are set to revolutionize user experience in the crypto sector.

Main Points

Utilizing Actions and Blinks: Solana Actions are APIs for signable transactions, while Blinks create user-friendly interfaces. Access Protocol plans to enable one-click purchases of staked ACS subscriptions for top crypto media platforms using Solana’s native token, SOL.

Impact of the Technology: The innovative technology allows for seamless crypto transactions through shareable links, expanding user engagement and simplifying user onboarding.

Access Protocol’s Vision: Access Protocol aims to revolutionize digital content monetization by offering blockchain-based subscriptions in SOL tokens, contributing to the broader adoption of its subscription model within the crypto community.


Access Protocol’s integration of Solana’s Actions and Blinks marks a significant step towards enhancing user experience and engagement in the crypto industry, with potential for further adoption and innovation in the future.