Ordinary Gods #6 (REVIEW)

Jan 3, 2022


Ordinary Gods #6

Ordinary Gods #6 marks the end of the series’ first arc, and Kyle Higgins could not have put this title in a better spot. On the whole, this issue is one of the best of the first six, but the final panel is what readers will hold onto going into the second arc. It’s a real slap in the face. I was flooded with a bunch of questions when I finished the issue. Chief among them: “How did I not think of that?” More importantly, this issue final panel cast a gigantic cloud of doubt.

Image Comics
Written by: Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark
Art by: Felipe Watanabe
Colors by: Frank William
Letters by: Clayton Cowles

As much as Higgins has received a ton of (warranted) praise for Radiant Black, Ordinary Gods has proven to be another must-read series. Things get a bit dense at moments, but he and Felipe Watanabe have created a very deep story that requires quite a bit of explanation. So, while there’s a lot to process, every detail is important.

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When it comes to Ordinary Gods’ art, Watanabe’s work has been consistent from day one. He’s had moments to go wild with the action throughout the series, but Ordinary Gods #6 was next-level.

Image is producing a lot of quality stories these days, and it’s hard to keep up with them all. But, few have the potential to hit any type of reader — which makes sense. Ordinary Gods is one of those rare exceptions.

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