Original ‘Power Rangers’ Stars Haven’t Been Asked To Appear In The New ‘Power Rangers Movie’

Sep 6, 2016


Films nowadays, especially reboots and comic book adaptations (mostly) like to give little nods here and there to previous incarnations, creators etc.. Whether it be an Easter egg or a small cameo, there’s usually a few to be spotted in movies.

With Lionsgate and Saban’s upcoming big screen Power Rangers reboot, based on the characters from the original 1993 series. Fans expected at least a couple of cameo’s from the shows original teenagers with attitude. Even I expected the greatest Ranger ever Tommy Oliver, played by Jason David Frank to pop up and kick some putty ass.

However it doesn’t look like that will be the case. Original Black Power Ranger Walter Jones, who played Zack Taylor in the series for a couple of seasons told listeners of the Audible Exquisite Podcast that the original cast members weren’t invited to be part of the new Power Rangers movie.

Unfortunately we were not invited to be part of the film. Which is confusing to me, but Iā€™m excited about the film nevertheless.ā€

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The decision by Lionsgate and Saban not to include the originals could be a blessing in disguise for the new Power Rangers movie. The worst part of this year Ghostbusters reboot was all the forced cameo’s. I think for reboots to shine, they need to be their own thing and not look back to the past.

Power Rangers is set to hit screens March 24, 2017


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