Outlaw to many, Hero to some: “Green Arrow” Issue #14 (Review)

Jan 7, 2017


Green Arrow Issue #14
DC Comics

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Peter Nguyen

The Green Arrow story arc right now is great, and there is plenty of action and great artwork to make the scenes come to life. The artist enhances the Green Arrow action in this comic by having most, if not all, of the scenes being at night to showcase the city lights. There is plenty of action in this issue, and at the end of the comic, there is an awesome face off on a blimp. That scene is right after Oliver avoids being tackled by football players in a large stadium. It’s awesome and thrilling to read. 

This issue also does a good job of keeping to the arc’s Green Arrow as the “Emerald Outlaw” plot. In my opinion, the writer makes Ollie seem like a Robin Hood. While Ollie doesn’t steal from the rich, he definitely fights against the rich and fights for social justice. Oliver has his plate full in this issue and the next ones that continue this arc with old and new enemies coming at him.

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I am glad in this issue to see less Black Canary and Green Arrow romance. Black Canary gets a lot of attention in this issue, and I am glad to see it, but as a hero, not as a romantic interest. I like to see her in action as a feminine hero and not just a sex icon in the comics. She is cunning and powerful and in this issue we get to see her befriend a cop by proving she is just as tough as he is, if not more so. Black Canary is no sidekick; she is an equal beside the Green Arrow, working to keep the Emerald City safe.

Keep reading the current Green Arrow and get ready for some awesome villain vs. hero action in the next issues!

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