Oxenfree Announced for Nintendo Switch

Oxenfree Announced for Nintendo Switch

Release date and trailer to be revealed “in the coming days.”

Oxenfree, the supernatural mystery/adventure game from indie developer Night School Studio, is officially headed to the Nintendo Switch.

While it had been rumored for a while, Night School Studio teased the port on Twitter. The developer’s co-founder revealed that it will be playable with either a controller or by using the Switch’s touchscreen.  A release date and trailer are to be revealed “in the coming days.”

Oxenfree is a supernatural adventure game, in which rites of passage and Senior year traditions set the stage for a group of friends sneaking off to Edwards Island, an old military outpost with no phone service. Players will take on the role of Alex as she brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party gone horribly wrong.

Inspired by classic cult films like Stand by Me and Poltergeist, Oxenfree is an adventure that pulls from the past but looks to the present. “It’s a coming of age story where players control how their hero comes of age,” says Krankel. “We’re drawing on the fond and mortifying aspects of being in your late teens, and setting it against a dangerous and ghostly backdrop.”

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