Path Of Exile: What New Does the 3.12 Expansion Offer?

Nov 26, 2020


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Path of Exile is gaining popularity with every new expansion among both PC and PS4 players. In fact, millions spend time relaxing while playing PoE. If we are to take into account PS4 alone, the total player count is 2,3 million as of November 15. 

And what is even more interesting: PoE services are becoming widespread, and new users keep coming. The game gained 47,000 new players between October 15 and November 15. What is all the hype about? A new expansion, of course.

In this article, we will review the 3.12 expansion and tell you what it offers. Keep reading to find out!

The Heist League with Interesting Challenges and Unique Rewards

Although Standard and Hardcore leagues don’t go anywhere, the new Heist League is a serious competitor to both because of many interesting challenges. Here, you are going to visit The Rogue Harbour, where you will find skilled thieves that will stand with you against dangerous Heists. They will help you to bypass security systems and capture the treasury. However, be careful and don’t rush as you can trigger the alarms that will drive the guards to you. 

Once you manage to successfully complete Heists, you can start fulfilling the ultimate thief’s goal or a Grand Heist. In order to succeed, you will need to accomplish three steps:

  1. Accumulate Heist markers
  2. Gather intel
  3. Provide equipment and training for your team. 

The first two will help you to find out what elaborate facilities conceal, which, in turn, helps to gain more rewards and create a better plan for bypassing the security. 

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Although it seems pretty complicated, the rewards pay off for the efforts. After successful completion of Grand Heists, you may get Trinkets, Alternate Quality Gems, Experimented Base Types, Replica Unique Items, Weapon or Armor enchantments.

However, that’s not all the rewards. You also gain something as soon as you complete a certain number of challenges:

  1. Huck’s Helmet, Vinder’s Helmet, and Nenet’s Hood effects - after completing the first twelve challenges
  2. The Heist Cat Pet - after the 24th challenge
  3. The Heist Portal Effect - after the 36th challenge.
  4. A piece of the Heist Totem Pole decoration after the 19th challenge onward for every third completed challenge.

As you can see, there are many rewards waiting for players in the new league. Many of them are unique and won’t be available later on. Therefore, don’t lose your chance!

New Amazing Features 

In the latest release, players will find a lot of new gems. Here are they:

  • Blazing Salvo (Intelligence Skill) - It fires projectiles, which affect a target area, even several times.
  • Void Sphere  (Intelligence Skill) - It pulls the foes in the center and deals damage, both chaos and physical, regularly. If an enemy is at the center, they move slowlier.
  • Crackling Lance (Intelligence Skill) - The lightning damages focus on the foes in front of the caster. In case you are repeating the cats, the damage is going to be more intense.
  • Frost Shield (Intelligence and Dexterity Skill) - The Frost Shield in a particular area consumes an Energy Shield. It doesn’t only absorb some incoming damage but also enhances the possibility of a critical strike.
  • Splitting Steel (Dexterity and Strength Skill) - Fires a projectile, which damages the specific zone.
  • Sigil of Power (Intelligence Skill) - When you are staying in its area, you consume extra mana and boast stronger lighting damage, while your foes’ damage in the zone is decreased.
  • Flame Wall (Intelligence Skill) - The burning wall damages the foes in the area, as well as applies a debuff, which burns within some time after the enemies leave the zone.
  • Hex Blast (Intelligence Skill) - You can deal chaos damage to the enemy. Also, it eliminates the hex and allows it to hit the foe stronger.
  • Impending Doom Support (Intelligence Support) - Your Hex skills are supported so as to activate Doom Blast, which deals chaos damage.
  • Pinpoint Support (Intelligence and Dexterity Support) - Supports projectile skills in order to increase the damage and fire a fewer number of projectiles per intensity. 
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While many new changes are covered in this article, that’s not it. You will find more new, interesting things in Path of Exile 3.12 Expansion. 

Typically, Path of exile releases a new expansion four times a year, in thirteen weeks each. However, the 3.12 expansion was slightly delayed due to the pandemic and unavoidable work from home and took 14 weeks to introduce. 

The anticipation has been definitely worth it as the latest release has brought a lot of changes that, obviously, allure players, since their number keeps rising since September. Make sure you try it as the time is limited - you have only until December.


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